Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Wonky Makka Pakka

OK, so I tried making Makka Pakka. Totally improvised, wrong colour, wrong shape- basically just a brown blob. So, I made notes about what to change for the second one in the hope that it might be a pattern worth sharing!

What did my little niece do when she saw it? Jumped up and down, yelling 'MABBA BABBA!!' and then proceeded to thrust the brown blob thing in everyone's face to show them 'Mabba Babba'. I suppose she recognized it! A one year old's imagination is obviously far more active than mine... but she loves  it to bits, which is great!

I'll have a bash at mark 2 soon... here is the picture of the first one, for your entertainment!

And here is what Makka Pakka actually looks like...