Monday, 30 November 2009


Why is it that when you have time on your hands (actually, can't remember when the last time that was!) you don't feel like doing/making anything- but when you have a 5000 word report to write in 4 days, followed by some horrendous Matlab assignment for the following week- your thoughts turn to anything but?

So today I have been daydreaming about Banana loaf (would have been tucking in now, but for lack of orange juice) and ooh! wouldn't it be nice to have some mince pies as its December tomorrow? Then I think- Argh! December tomorrow! I have so much stuff to do!

Then I think - December = Christmas, think of all the lovely woolly fun that can be had! I've got a bag full of aran wool from Oxfam that would make some toasty mittens...(it still smells of Oxfam though...)

But alas, back to psychoacoustics! Which, by the way is ear-based crazyness and I like very much. But do I HAVE to write about it? Its all there in the books!

Perhaps I'll dig out the Christmas tree this evening.... Slap my wrists! my word count is suffering!

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  1. Hello Raben!!!
    First of all: sorry for my english!! I just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog. It's amazing!!! I will follow your blog and I´ll try to do those lovely things you do!! see you or read you!!!
    I love your photo!!!