Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Superbear! (not to be confused with Superman, or Superted...)

Ok, so the Makka Pakka project has gone into hibernation since I was told that a certain 3 year old had outgrown such babyish things, and was now obsessed with Superman. Challenge! I have no idea how to make a person look realistic though the medium of knitting, so decided not to and made a Superbear instead. (this would also avoid having to figure out how to do hair - and that little curl on Superman's head that makes people not recognise he is Clark Kent. Stupid people)

Anyway, I had used a bear pattern before with some success, so decided to base Superbear on that. I would have made Superted, but the kids don't know who he is these days- or Spotty man or Texas Pete! The shame! I digress... Here he is:

So, I used the Bitsy Bear pattern by Yvonne Boucher, from Knitting Pattern Central (super-organised Ravelry people can go here instead). The bear is basically the same, I just used different colours for his boots and paws so he looks like he is wearing the Superman suit. I did the 'S' logo on the fly- which is probably why you need to squint a little to see it properly! I will write it out if anyone really wants it.

The ever-important 'pants on the outside' were made in the same way as the pants in the pattern, except I needed to  make them a bit shorter so they didn't cover the 'S' logo. After all that I made a rectangular cape in garter stitch, crocheted around the edges and then he was good to go! (Ravelry project page here if you want to have a further nosey).

And he can fly, by the way.

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